«Smoking kills dreams»

don’t let them die for nothing

roses are red.jpg

«roses are red, so fuck you»

make me cry.jpg

«I will lie if I say you didn’t make me cry»

OCTOBER 1945 Vogue places paining of a blue sky on its cover - which denotes the end of blitz over London - and in this case symbolises final clearness of my mind. #voguecover

Magnolia is very tough, and has to adapt in order to survive, it stands for purity and perfection, and strength of its bloom is symbol of self-respect. Beauty of this flower in every meaning is on another level for me. #magnolia

The eye, that looks deep inside of your soul. Inspiring you to create and do beautiful things. #solangeknowles

But at the end there’s #nomoretears to cry as life goes on and every day is better than previous one. #newday

teddy boy.jpg

Man with a Movie Camera



house from «Mon Oncle» which I first saw at Home Futures exhibition at Design Museum month ago, inspiration drawn from Alexey Bogolepov’s work of reflection of Soviet Era buildings

4;3 .jpg

4:3 chaos & patient self-management

4;3 (3).jpg

4:3 together into the space


«где-то там за облаками»


«to the moon and back, right?»


«don’t kill that thing inside»

never will connect.jpg

«never will connect»

not anymore.jpg

«not anymore»