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Together with my partner and copywriter Joe we were asked to create a storytelling campaign that will reflect the practice of our client.

Insight: When people need help they need it quick.

Supporting Fact: A report found that 1,500 people waited over a year for their therapy to start.

Time is of the essence for our target audience. Methods such as, the use of acronyms minimise wasted time. They are used for convenience as well as speed. Acronyms can often be misused or overused. They can have assumed meanings or be personal preference. The meanings are not set in stone and neither is someone's thinking.

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Concept: Turn the meanings of negative acronyms to positive ones. This reflects the work of Greenwich Psychology. Even CBT (Cognetive Behaviour Therapy) itself is an acronym.


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Concidering that the target audience of Greenwich Psychology spend a lot of time at the Greenwich Station, we desided to use it as an advantage. We offered to paint acronyms on the front of the stairs.


People tend to look down as they are walking the stairs, therefore we would paint a possitive meaning of acronyms on top of it.

This would not only benefit Greenwich Psychology by taking in consideration spasial design, but also would spread a positive message to the masses.


Instagram Stories

Instagram is a great way of reaching out target audience due to ability of geologating posts and stories. It is also a place for more interaction as on sponsored stories you can insert more information and add the link to a website.

Long Copy:

We can help you change your negative mindset to a positive one. We offer a variety of sessions that are all designed to help you improve your thinking. Not only that, but we can guarantee that you will talk to someone within 24 hours.


We offered to use twitter as a space for spreading a possitive thoughts by creating a hashtag #thePAD

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Physical Interaction

the PAD.jpg

Last but not least, we offered Greenwich Psychology to create a physical pad, that they would be able to integrate in their practice, potentially give away to people.


Art Director: Kristine Kokina

Copywriter: Joe Spriggs