The Statue of V

Alan Moore’s character of V is a symbol of empowerment of opposition and dissent. By creating an Augmented Reality monument we encourage the people to question what would happen if every protest had a permanent presence outside places of power.

This experiment was unveiled in Parliament square and tried out by the public. It is available on SKETCHFAB from 5th November. 

Designer - Sabrina Bisi
Copywriter - Jak McKinley-Good
Augmented Reality Research - Joe Spriggs
Cinematography/Post Production - Kristine Kokina and Paul Ifeneziuche
Music - Shyhiem Brooks
Model - Nick Bereen

DoubleMe Team:
Marius Matesan
Chris Szkoda
James Marks

And the lecturers Steve Lloyd & Xavier Solé.

Also thanks to: 
Klaus Mann
Lottie Brazier
Chris Taylor
Derek Yates

BA Advertising and Brand Design
Ravensbourne University London
5TH November 2018